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Vertical Development: The Topic Underneath All Topics Dec 14, 2023

Public discourse on today's challenges pertains mostly to the outer world.

What incentives can we give businesses to stop polluting? How do we...

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Object Relations and the Heart Center Feb 18, 2023


The Enneagrammer typing team had me on for an episode of Dark Arts Academy, exploring the Heart Types (2, 3, & 4) from the POV...

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Should Workplace Feedback Be Anonymous? Feb 01, 2023

PSA: Anonymous feedback is toxic for culture.

In the year 2023, I continue to find that startups and large corporations alike prefer to run...

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A New Model of the Centers of Intelligence & Object Relations Jan 21, 2023

My friends at Big Hormone Enneagram had me back on the show to tease everyone with the first bits of my new model of the Centers of...

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The Developmental Enneagram - My Big Hormone Enneagram Podcast Appearance Jan 02, 2023

My friends at Big Hormone Enneagram podcast had me on to talk about how models of adult development can challenge and improve the...

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Leadership Development Coaching Talk to Worklife VC's Founders Sep 21, 2022

Worklife VC invited me to speak to their founders about what leadership development really means. In an interview style chat with Erica Wenger, we...

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My Bermuda Spiral (Enneagram Trifix and The Fog of Self-Forgetting) Jun 12, 2022

In this post, you will learn the idea of Enneagram Trifixation, and you’ll get a raw, transparent view into my inner experience as...

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Human Ventures - My Enneagram Talk for Founders Feb 25, 2022

Heather Hartnett is General Partner and CEO of Human Ventures, and a former client that I really respect. She invited speak to the Human Founders...

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How and Why to be an Amazing Listener Jan 05, 2022

This is one of the most important talks I've ever given and will ever give.

The way we listen changes the way people talk, and what they are...

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How to Be More Present Dec 22, 2021

Do you ever feel like you want be more present in your life... but no matter how hard you try, you keep "falling out of presence?"

Maybe you want...

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What Is Integral Coaching? Aug 27, 2020

I get this question a lot, so I wanted to give you a succinct answer to capture, at a high level, what Integral coaching is and why I think...

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Systemic Racism and Inner Work: A Personal Inventory Jul 06, 2020

It is now 6 weeks since the senseless killing of George Floyd.

Like many white people, I have been deeply impacted at the...

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