Systemic Racism and Inner Work: A Personal Inventory

Jul 06, 2020

It is now 6 weeks since the senseless killing of George Floyd.

Like many white people, I have been deeply impacted at the identity level by recent events and have struggled to know how to participate in the invigorated dialogue on racial justice. But I was inspired by W. Kamau Bell's interview with Conan, in which he encouraged white people to accept as a given that we will make mistakes. Better to act clumsily than not at all.

This article is a...

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How To Love Your Type 8 Boss

Nov 03, 2019

I’m always talking about how the Enneagram is an incredible tool for self-awareness. 

But after watching some of the video testimonials from my Enneagram retreat last weekend, what really struck me was how much people loved learning about other people.  

(You can watch them too — I put them up on the description page for my upcoming Enneagram retreat.)

What people said reminded me of how learning the Enneagram caused a radical shift in the way I...

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What do you DO with the Enneagram?

Sep 22, 2019

“What do you DO with the Enneagram?”

I hear this question a lot from newcomers.

This is a really important question, and this post is meant to be a thorough answer. (I’ll assume that you know how to discover your Enneagram type, and that question is basically: “What do you do with the Enneagram after that?”)

But first, a point of clarification.

There is a field called ontology that studies how things exist. It sounds abstract, but it’s simple.

Consider: a...

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