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My Bermuda Spiral (Enneagram Trifix and The Fog of Self-Forgetting) Jun 12, 2022

In this post, you will learn the idea of Enneagram Trifixation, and you’ll get a raw, transparent view into my inner experience as...

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Systemic Racism and Inner Work: A Personal Inventory Jul 06, 2020

It is now 6 weeks since the senseless killing of George Floyd.

Like many white people, I have been deeply impacted at the...

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How To Love Your Type 8 Boss Nov 03, 2019

I’m always talking about how the Enneagram is an incredible tool for self-awareness. 

But after watching some of the video testimonials...

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What do you DO with the Enneagram? Sep 22, 2019

I hear this question a lot from newcomers.

It's a really important question, and this post is meant to be a thorough answer. (I’ll assume...

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