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The Developmental Enneagram - My Big Hormone Enneagram Podcast Appearance

Jan 02, 2023

My friends at Big Hormone Enneagram podcast had me on to talk about how models of adult development can challenge and improve the Enneagram. The talk focused mostly on Spiral Dynamics. But more, we break down why the Enneagram's traditional "Levels of Development" (from Don RIso) isn't really the developmental model that everyone thinks it is, and what an alternative might look like. 

Check out the 2 part episode below. 

BHE 135 The Developmental Enneagram [Part I] - Josh Lavine

BHE 136 The Developmental Enneagram [Part II] - Josh Lavine

For context, in the last few years, I've become obsessed with models of adult development. Notably, I recently graduated from a 9 month program on Susanne Cook-Grueter's "Leadership Maturity Framework," which looked at her Constructive Ego Development Theory with a practical lens toward coaching, leadership, and organizations. It's been extremely useful and powerful in my coaching with founders and investors. And it's led to some fascinating Enneagram insights... more on that later. 

Btw, if you're a leader or an organization, check out Reinventing Organizations, which outlines how companies look at different levels of development -- one of my top 3 favorite business and leadership books of all time.


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