What I'm Up to Now

Inspired by Derek Sivers Now page and movement, here's what I'm currently up to:

Last updated Aug 2, 2022

  • Recovering from Achilles' tendon surgery
  • Coaching 8 founders, execs, and VCs; room for a few more -- here's my ideal client
  • Loving creating my Enneagram interview YouTube show / podcast called What It's Like to Be You
  • Building an Enneagram Expressions Library shows celebrities, fictional characters, songs, movies, & poetry by Enneagram type
  • Reading Ken Wilber's magnum opus: Sex, Ecology, Spirituality 

What I'm Thinking About....

  • Dynamics of wealth, power, and influence
  • Climate realism
  • How language and interpretation shape our world
  • Friendship as the highest surface area frontier for human development
  • How therapists and coaches basic relationship skills training that should be available to leaders
  • The intersection of Enneagram and Ego Development Theory