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Emily Tormey

Marketing Manager, Google

During my first coaching session with Josh, I was able to unearth professional barriers that I had been wrestling with for three years. With a keenly intuitive and attentive style, Josh helped me delve deeply into core issues while putting me at ease with vulnerability. He has the perfect mix of "push" and "pull", allowing him to guide through the surface issues to much deeper insights. 

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Madeline Reese

Kellogg School of Management '22

I cannot begin to express my gratitude for Josh and all that he has helped me with. During a time of transition in my life (and during the global pandemic), he guided me, encouraged me, and illuminated all of the possibilities I have in my life, many of which I never before thought were possible. He helped me grow taller, approach new situations with courage and strength, showed me it was possible to be both calm and focused. And through all of this, he helped me tap into my body as a resource, as guidance, as a way to tune to what I need. I am now trusting myself more, valuing and sharing my perspective. These sessions have changed how I show up and how I approach my day. I am so humbled and honored to have had this chance to work with Josh. Embarking on my next journey, I am ready and able, fortified with new tools and a greater understanding and acceptance of my self.

What kind of coach are you, Josh?

I am a Certified Integral Coach

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Integral coaching is different from most other forms of coaching for a few reasons.

  1. Many schools of coaching are not grounded in a model of human development. Integral Coaching is based on a model of human development essentialized from Integral Theory and developmental psychology (see: Ken Wilber, Robert Kegan, Jane Loevinger, Jean Piaget, & others), which we use to ground our assessments of clients' developmental trajectory.  

  2. Many schools of coaching over-focus on specific dimensions of experience, such as emotions, relationships, or productivity. Integral Coaching pays attention to all dimensions of your experience: emotion, cognition, language, behavior, your body, culture, spirituality, creativity, purpose, relationships (etc). Rather than over-broadening us, this approach allows Integral Coaches to hold the big picture while intervening in the dimensions of highest impact for you and pivoting when necessary.

  3. Many schools of coaching focus on developing competencies in specific domains of life, such as leading productive meetings at work. Integral Coaching focuses on developing fundamental competencies that are transferable across domains of life, such as the ability to quiet your mind for clear thinking or to navigate tense interpersonal situations with equanimity. Such capacities are the foundation of effective leadership and revolutionize not just the way you conduct meetings, but the way you lead in general.

  4. Many schools of coaching are dogmatic that a coach's responsibility is to ask powerful questions and withhold their own opinion. Integral Coaching believes that while questions are wonderful, limiting coaches only to asking questions reduces the transformative potential of the coaching relationship. After getting to know you, Integral Coaches design a developmental plan for you based on a rigorous assessment, and we recommend customized self-reflections and practices aimed at opening up new awarenesses and ways of being. We adjust these based on your feedback and make additional recommendations throughout a coaching engagement.  

So, Integral Coaching is not your typical brand of coaching. We rigorously ground our assessments of clients in developmental models, we attend to your whole personhood, we help you cultivate competencies that are transferable across domains of life, we make specific recommendations for growth, and we work with you over a period of months to facilitate deep transformation.


What happens in Integral Coaching?

There are 3 basic steps.

Step 1: Free Introductory Call
We chat about what you're going through and my process, and we determine if we want to work together.

Introductory Calls are free with no risk.

Step 2: Intake
Intake just means I ask you a bunch of questions to learn about you and the issue you brought.

Many coaches “coach” in the first session. I deliberately do not until I get the full picture of what’s going on. This makes coaching much, much more impactful.

Step 3: Coaching
After Intake, we create observable outcomes to work toward together, and we meet regularly for coaching sessions.

I also custom-design self-reflections and practices for you to take on to help you achieve those outcomes. We check in on the practices during each session.

In designing practices, I am sensitive to your bandwidth and life circumstances. Some may be unconventional and require a leap of faith, since they target blind spots and are meant to help you develop new capacities and ways of being.


I love to work with:

  • Leaders, teams, and organizations that want to unleash their potential and create an environment in which everyone is seen and valued for their unique gifts
  • Individuals that are experiencing personal difficulty or are in life transitions such as career changes, major life events, or deliberate self-reinventions
  • Anyone on a path of inquiry, self-mastery, and inner work

What Informs My Coaching: A Visual

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Let's Connect!

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Alex Sarkissian

Co-Founder, Cure Hydration

The quality of Josh’s instruction is amazing – he speaks authentically from his heart and is incredibly precise and skillful with his language when discussing material and addressing questions. He listens attentively with openness, warmth and patience and creates a safe and compassionate atmosphere to investigate your truth and share it honestly. Whether you’re just starting out on a contemplative journey or if you’ve been on the spiritual path for a while, Josh meets you where you are with insight, wise guidance, and warmth. I can’t recommend him enough.

Coaching Packages

The Defibrillator


Boost Yourself

2 Sessions in 2 days

  • 1 Introductory Call (Free)
  • 1 "Get to Know You" Session
  • 1 Coaching Session


The Journey


Deepen Yourself

13 Sessions in 3-6 months

  • 1 Introductory Call (Free)
  • 1 "Get to Know You" Session
  • 12 Coaching Sessions



The Metamorphosis


Transform Yourself

25 Sessions in 6-12 months

  • 1 Introductory Call (Free)
  • 1 "Get to Know You" Session
  • 24 Coaching Sessions