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I help leaders to listen to their inner wisdom, discover who they are becoming, and live from their deepest Self.

I coach leaders, co-founders, and small executive teams. My specialties are work relationships, the social dynamics of leadership, and transformational inner work.

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Who I Coach

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Vertical Development


Horizontal Development is about becoming more skillful. Think running a faster mile, shooting a better free throw, writing a clearer email. It’s about improving technique, being more productive, and performing at your peak. “How do I do X better, faster, stronger?”

Vertical Development is about becoming wiser. Think meditation, shadow-work, and double loop processing (I.e., examining not just the problem, but how you see the problem.) It’s about exposing your assumptions, shifting paradigms, and expanding your sense of self. “What am I not seeing about myself and the world?”

Horizontal Development increases competencies in specific domains. Vertical Development increases competencies that transfer across all domains — e.g. the ability to listen, navigate complexity, and see the limits of one’s perspective.

I love horizontal development. But in most cases, it makes you a better IC... not a better leader. For that, you need to develop vertically.

Below are some vertical development tools that I believe are especially effective.

I use many, but not all, of these tools in my coaching. I do not recommend doing anything illegal.

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A Final Thought

It's a trope in our culture that we lose touch with ourselves as we grow up. We try to make something of ourselves but forget who we are along the way. This is especially true in modern society, where we are constantly pummeled by others' agendas that pull us off our center. 

The basis of living with intention is self-remembering -- the practice of returning to the inner place where you remember who you are, what you stand for, and what wants to come through you.

In our coaching relationship, our sessions become a place for the project of coming home to yourself.

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