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BONUS EP: Courtney Smith, Type 6 — Engagement in the Mental Center, Finding Truth in the Body, & Cultivating Inner Authority

I present to you the audio of the infamous Mascara Incident (which we don't talk about). This was recorded in December 2022, about 9 months before Courtney's official video interview. In this conversation, we explore Courtney's experience as an Attachment type in the Mental center, her typing journey (starting at 1, landing on 6), and her 6-ish journey to uncovering original insights about Object Relations and sharing them on the Big Hormone Enneagram podcast. We also touch on Alexander Technique and other grounding practices that helped Courtney discover her Inner Authority and her body's ability to discern Truth. 

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0:00 Intro

2:27 Enneagram origin story; conscious leadership group; resisting 6, mistyping as 1 (hopeful identification, similar to 9->4)

8:17 How'd you realize you were a 6?

11:40 Complexity around 6 & "Inner Guidance" --> journey to 6 demonstrating 6's relationship with "authority," attachment & reactivity together, argumentativeness, "pressure-testing"

15:47 What builds trust -- ENGAGEMENT, willingness to engage -- "Are you gonna play that game with me?"; wanting other to be certain, yet also willing to meet me in uncertainty

19:19 Stamina for this kind of "engaging"

20:33 Looking for stability, "up there" in the mental space, where you can't find it

24:25 What's helped you ground? Footwork, balance, improving sensation, Alexander Technique, Letting the breath catch up with the mind

28:12 What is Alexander Technique? Why good for 6?

33:40 "Over-muscling": the body creating a false anchor from the mind being overused

38:02 Working with 6s, coach's pov; kinesthetic modeling; how are *you* showing up as coach?

41:53 Exploring: being settled in your own energy as a coach vs "entering their storm"

45:27 On Courtney claiming her inner authority, making discoveries in Object Relations, sharing on BHE

50:27 6 seeking coherence in the map

55:28 Why so important for things to make sense? Fear of randomness; "Faith" that "the pieces should fit together

58:30 Exploring attachment, Courtney's obsessive journey of discovering her insights; attachment, denial of self, responding to parental failure

1:02:21 Courtney's Object Relations insights applied to herself; energy towards maintaining "good relationships," but "on what terms?"

1:04:28 Examples!: mindful of teacher's perspectives, wary to contradict, assuming my ideas are derivative; how do I say something without saying others are wrong? (which compromises relationship)

1:10:49 Putting relationship at risk by having a different view

1:14:26 Courtney's 5 wing

1:21:50 What's it like now to have "exposed yourself as an authority?" .. Resistance to claiming it 

1:26:26 Why does someone *want* to be an authority?

1:29:35 Tension between my 3 & Courtney's 6 in seeing her as an authority

1:36:29 Texture on words that originally had no juice for Courtney: Attachment, Support, Loyalty, Duty, Responsibility

1:42:44 Heart vs Head Center main preoccupation

1:45:41 Thank you's


Music by Coma-Media from Pixabay




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