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#12: Kaisa Jauhiainen, SX 9: "I'm Either Hooked or Catatonic;" Erotic Releases of Anger; and Seeking Essential Harmony through the SX Instinct (SX/SO 9w8 935)

Kaisa is a psychology and neuroscience graduate student and Enneagram enthusiast with an exceptional ability to articulate her experience of SX 9-ness. Enjoy.

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0:00 Intro

2:56 Kaisa's typing

5:10 Flatline (935) vs triple reactive (846) overlay, 9 core withdrawn vs 8 wing assertive + sexual dom need to broadcast self

9:53 SX 9 being hooked by something or catatonic

13:31 "When there's no juice, I go catatonic;" Using sharp objects to keep myself awake at school; Kaisa's flatline delivery of severe subjects

19:11 Head last energy

21:26 How are you feeling right now? (Regrounding, getting back to we-space)

24:33 Body vs head types processing in real-time

26:11 Difficult to rev my own engine, but it gets revved by SX things (SX 9 receptivity)

29:37 SX + double competence; collecting SX resources; eating so I smell good, sensitivity to smells

35:20 SX competency story -- collecting data

39:48 Soldier SX story; Transmuting anger into erotic release; self-regulation through sexual

47:44 Fulfilling SP blind needs via SX dom motivations

50:32 Out of body vs in body experience; re-inhabiting my body -- the 9 growth journey

53:31 Exploring SP blind; not recognizing mortality in our body

57:13 "Assertive" SX pursuit of crush with double withdrawn energy; & the SX/SO targeted magnetism dance 58:51 the urgency of SX dom

1:02:18 Boundaries & experiencing my distinctness 1:08:29 SX/SO "blurry friendships," different from Social

1:09:58 SX ecstasy, loss of self, now I can die in peace; Seeking "Essential Harmony" through SX

1:20:23 Renewing SX chemistry in stable relationships

1:24:49 Sexual chess; Advice for SX blinds

1:29:36 Closing, final reflections


Music by Coma-Media from Pixabay




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