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#9: Ikraam Ali, Type 7 – Procrastinating Darkness, Frustration with Negativity AS Negativity, and Giving an "Honest Try" at Positivity (SO/SX 7w6 793)

Ikraam Ali is a Type 7 (SO/SX 7w6 793) who works in local politics. She also has her own YouTube channel focused on Objective Personality System (OPS). This conversation challenged the stereotype of 7s as “positive” types and reframed the 7 pattern “positive outlook” way of being from a frustration lens — in particular, frustration with negativity, which paradoxically creates its own kind of negativity. We get into deep territory here: Ikraam’s relationship with negativity itself and her bout with depression, and aspects of her telling of the story surfaced aspects of the 7 personality, which Ikraam explored gracefully in real time.

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0:00 Intro
2:53 Enneagram origin story
5:22 "Taste Testing" her way to the Enneagram; OPS & Enneagram really capturing her
8:54 Being satiated by an interest; 7 line to 5; a funny moment: "can I swear here?”
11:56 Enneagram as "depressing," it's a "horrifying hobby" not a fun one
15:48 7 not exactly 'positive'; procrastinating darkness, not metabolizing negativity (really good definitional stuff)
18:05 Using the word "depression" lightly yet referencing deep pain;
19:07 Seeing negativity and wanting to be positive "makes you negative"; sensitivity to others "giving up" on being happy
20:38 7 as frustration type, contrasts with 1 & 4
22:42 Envisioning a better future; Kid Cudi's (a 7) songs get negative but focus or "tend toward" an uplifting vision or possibility
26:04 Somatic buoyancy, inner teflon; “How do you feel right now, talking about negativity?”
29:02 Fixated on "keeping things interesting"; the horror of boredom. Religious stories -- "stimulating" hellfire & brimstone vs boring repeats
34:50 Freedom vs Joy / Delight; 7 as "The Freedom Seeker”
36:12 Comparing head types 5, 6, 7; attachment vs frustration in the mental center (6 vs 7); "I'm on my own roller coaster”
39:42 On metabolizing negativity; growing up & seeing unfairness in the world, needing to reframe it, hold a positive vision for it
46:16 What helped you face the grief / dissoance between positive vision and reality / the feeling of being trapped in negative life?
49:43 Scary to talk about negative things happening now -- easier to reflect retrospectively, because it's over
51:38 7 assertiveness helping me deal with / move through depression
54:35 Jittery in sharing the story; discomfort that "i'm not feeling it." What's underneath the jitters?
59:25 The undercurrent of suffering that has defined her life trajectory; "An honest try at bringing positivity"; addicted to volunteering
1:04:20 How do you feel right now? Vulnerable to talk about this stuff.
1:05:50 The soul of the 7 - transforming suffering into something uplifting
1:06:58 Final comments


Music by Coma-Media from Pixabay