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#3: Alex G, Type 1 – 1 as a Body Type, the Inner Tuning Fork, the Difficulty of Having Fun [SP/SX 1w9 145]

Alex G is an Enneagram Type 1 (SP/SX, 1w9, 145). She has excellent descriptions of her body experience as a 1, the grief underneath her 1-ish frustration, and the Essential quality of Integrity that her type structure is "after." Special focus on 1 as a body type, which Alex rightly points to as a gap in the "literature." We also discuss how self-preservation dominance and social blindness shows up for her as a 1.

NOTE: Alex originally typed as 135 trifix, and later corrected to 145. We discuss triple competency in this episode, but notice that there is a little too much "disdain" foregrounded in her demeanor and outlook for a secondary 3 fix, which would present a little "cleaner." Still, great core 1 interview. 

Watch the interview on YouTube here:

00:00 Intro & Brief overview of the Triadic Groups
3:00 What's it like to be introduced?
3:30 Enneagram origin - mistyping as a 4
5:08 Realizing she's a 1
6:10 1-ness in the body — the inner “tuning fork”, the "dissonant off feeling" 
10:23 1's "Gut type"-ness the most neglected & misunderstood aspect
13:15 Pet peeves; difficulty of discerning the line between pet peeve and what feels "bad" or unethical
16:50 The engine of frustration revving even when I’m trying to “do something fun”; action as frustration release valve
20:50 The fear of “eternal grief” - that whatever world I was supposed to exist in, this isn’t it
24:18 Moments of "perfection"
25:49 Self-pres 1 - building a clean and cozy environment, managing limited time & energy; Social blind: the threat of including social in that limited timespan; "can’t unlock my muse unless my house is clean"
31:40 The burden of responsibility; resistance to lowering standards & the pressure of meeting them; on "not being physically agonized by what I'm witnessing" (it doesn't matter if others say I'm going a good job)
37:01 Fun - what’s that?; refuges from the inner pressure?
41:09 Writing & creativity as off-and-on fun and anguish, a mini playground to “satisfy that tuning fork”
45:29 Social blind 1, don't spend energy cultivating stands on larger social or political issues; but still have localized opinions
47:00 emotional activation vs somatic activation - being still, statueseque while having strong emotional responses
49:48 Her “mission” in writing to make something up to her standards; not *needing* anyone to read it
53:37 Essential Integrity, Serenity, and the fall from grace feeling - I don’t feel like I’m appealing to a new idea — it’s like I’m “remembering” how it should be, from the beginning of time
57:33 Triple competency type — realness feels messy, positive outlook feels delusional
59:08 Misunderstandings about 1s -- the problem of descriptions making it seem like there’s a separation between the ego and the standard. But the ego is the standard... not an inner split. (Yet, I wonder what aspect of self gets suppressed out of consciousness)
1:09:00 What has this been like for you?

Music by Coma-Media from Pixabay