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#2: David Gray, Type 9 – Gathering Himself, Online Combativeness, and the Diffusion of Identity [SP/SX 9w1 974]

David Gray is the most original voice in the Enneagram world today. His impressionistic, symbolic, elemental thinking style has produced utterly fresh insights about the Instincts, trifixation, typing processes, and the Enneagram symbol itself. David kindly emerged from the cave of primordial darkness to subject himself to invasive questioning for about an hour. His purple shirt on purple background is a genius artistic statement that only certain types will be able to understand.

You can buy David's "trifix" booklet on, which he co-runs. David also co-hosts the Big Hormone Enneagram Podcast and the Dark Arts Academy -- weekly classes where you can watch the Enneagrammer team type a celebrity live.


Watch on YouTube here:

David's site:
David's Trifix Booklet:

00:00 Intro to David Gray
3:06: What it's like to be introduced; being “located” as a 9
6:52 Enneagram origin story, seeing that each author has their own subjective “take” on the Enneagram
12:12 The difficulty of discipline and writing a book as a 974 trifix; The difficulty of writing the book as a type 9; plus the the overlapping, spread out, nature of David’s ideas, “where do you start?” David’s discovery of the instinct’s relations to the 4 elements
17:56 “Rambling” nature of 9s; "gathering” himself to write and getting clear on “what am I saying right now?”
19:36 Unpacking David’s trifix and instinctual stack in David’s way: 974, SP/SX; being a withdrawn body type, “doing body internally” 
26:12 Why David looked at trifix, given it’s not really “Enneagram mainstream”
29:36 David’s use of language, creating an “experiential landscape” with words, wanting people to experience resonance in their body of what I’m trying to say, to have their own creative experience with it
36:00 How David (doesn't) experiences his "identity" as a social blind, "heart-last" 9
41:30 David's non-Enneagram work, his daily work/break rhythm as a 9
51:10 "What do you get out of withdrawing?"- a way to get my own way without speaking up to get my own way; on absorbing others’ energetic field
55:20 On deadlines, getting the book out; self-pres distractions
58:40 Inner work, Rage “localizing” me; Observing my patterns, identifying with the observer more than the pattern. Internal Family Systems. Family Constellations. 
1:03:45 David’s combativeness online, 9s as a repressed rage type
1:07:00 - The "practice" of being on camera, speaking, "spotlight on me" as a 9


Music by Coma-Media from Pixabay