Enneagram Expert Emeka Okorafor on Being a Type 8, Typing Others, and Being Provocative (SX/SP 8w7 854)

Emeka Okorafor is a world expert in Enneagram typing. He co-runs Enneagrammer.com, co-hosts the Big Hormone Enneagram Podcast and the Dark Arts Academy -- weekly classes where you can watch the Enneagrammer team type a celebrity live.

00:00 Intro to What It's Like To Be You 
1:35 Intro to Emeka 
6:05 Emeka's Enneagram Origin Story
8:27 Learning as an 8, needing it to be “real," alive; discovering my own type
15:30 "I'm gonna leave a mark on you"; Creating a before and after; "making it happen" 
18:27 Ppl getting upset, cutting through bullshit as an 8 teacher, making the Enneagram unignorable
21:40 The inner experience of 8ness right now
25:00 Feeling "separate from my experience"
28:00 "Getting high on my own momentum"
30:07 Inner work for me as an 8: getting in touch with my heart, letting people in, allowing things to happen (not “making” them happen)
36:00 On boundaries, the terror of being violated; the inner circle, "my box"
39:27 8s and Protectiveness
43:00 Instinctual understanding of consequences, intimidation; Having others rely on me while I’m not relying on them
45:42 Not realizing I'm being provocative or pushing people into psychological corners
#nota4 and why it matters; common delusions in typology circles
55:09 On typing people, and the controversy of telling someone their type; the skill of seeing type
1:02:00 - the wisdom and soul of the 8; making something invisible visible; making it “real”
1:08:44 - Advice for 8s, allowing for things to happen
1:12:00 - Advice if you have an 8 boss, partner, friend, etc; not triggering the “well I didn’t care about this anyway” response
1:20:00 Conclusion & Where to find Emeka


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