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I help teams develop the kind of trust, love, and dense emotional connective tissue that enables extraordinary work.

I do this through workshops in which I teach the Enneagram and facilitate games, discussions, and reflections that create understanding and compassion. 

I also do coaching for teams and "general" facilitation for strategy sessions, purpose and values defining workshops, conflict mediation, etc.

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Dean Furbush

CEO & Co-Founder, Kitchen to Kitchen

A million years ago I was Chief Economist and Director of Strategic Planning at the Nasdaq Stock Market, and have gone from there to several leadership roles, all of which involved offsites seeking strategic direction, valuable culture, and team-building. Yeah, I've attended a lot of offsites. So it’s with some experience that I can report that Josh is an excellent facilitator.

If you want a ropes course and trust falls, don't use Josh; if you want a formal, corporate strategy session, don’t use Josh; in fact, if you’re a manager who thinks you know ahead of time, any predetermined outcome from the offsite, still not Josh. But if you want a caring and authentic environment in which your leaders are respected and listened to, and thus feel comfortable to learn about and appreciate their different strengths and opportunity areas, and to see in realtime how their differences add value to your organization, Josh is your guy.

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Anna Murphy

Kellogg School of Management '20

Josh has this ability to make everyone feel extremely comfortable. So we essentially, from day 1, were very open. He created this safe space for us to be able to share with one another. His style is very subtle, so he isn’t pushing or probing or making people feel uncomfortable, but essentially setting up a discussion for us to be able to connect with one another and understand each other better.

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Alexander Bisignano

CEO & Co-Founder, Phosphorus

Josh presented the Enneagram to our team at a team-building happy hour. It was engaging and had an immediate impact on our ability to work together smoothly. A few of our teammates had profound "aha" moments that softened how they relate to others on the team, and it gave each of us a fresh lens to see our teammates with empathy.

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Sarah Adler

CTO & Co-Founder, Spoon University

Josh’s Enneagram retreat was exceptionally powerful. What surprised me was how valuable it was to focus on all the types other than my own. Through Josh’s storytelling, I was able to empathize with the other Enneagram types and, by doing that, really empathize with other important people in my life.

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Coaching Packages

The Defibrillator


Boost Yourself

2 Sessions in 2 days

  • 1 Introductory Call (Free)
  • 1 "Get to Know You" Session
  • 1 Coaching Session


The Journey


Deepen Yourself

13 Sessions in 3-6 months

  • 1 Introductory Call (Free)
  • 1 "Get to Know You" Session
  • 12 Coaching Sessions



The Metamorphosis


Transform Yourself

25 Sessions in 6-12 months

  • 1 Introductory Call (Free)
  • 1 "Get to Know You" Session
  • 24 Coaching Sessions